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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's 11:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? breaking news out of towson tonight. they thought they were transporting a prisoner. but, somehow, he turned into a magician. >> wanted for a string of burglaries the prisoner did not want to take a trip back to jail. >>y is in the back of the van. somehow he managed to break free of the handcuffs and the shackles and out of the orange jump suit. >> kicked out the window and escaped and escaped in towson, they caught up with him a few hours later, not far from where they evaded him earlier in the evening, police say he is going to face a new string of charges. >> well if you thought the battle over same-sex marriages was tough in 2008 wait until you see what is happening in
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2012. see how it is shaping up tonight. governor o'malley pretty much stayed out of that fight. that will change in 2012 and same-sex marriage opponents say they won't be surprised if they lose and a bill gets passed. that would just be the beginning of another contentious struggle. >> governor martin o'malley, a marylander for marriage equality. >> in the video produced by the group marylanders in marriage equality. they throw their support behind the raw to allow same-sex emergencies to be -- >> we choose to live by fundamental principles, equal protection of the law for every individual and a free exercise of religion without government intervention. >> the chief opponent of same- sex marriage in the general assembly says. >> i think it's an atrocity, exposes him for what he is. should he have been supportive of it in the past he should have said so. >> a bill that would have
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legalized same-sex marriage passed the state senate in the 2011 legislative session but failed in the house of delegates, delegate dwyer says the support in 2012 could be enough to get the bill passed. >> there will be a fight and we will probably lose this time. >> if the bill does pass, delegate dwyer says he will lead an effort to gather enough signatures for a state-wide ref run testimony on the ballot. in a poll taken january, gonzalez research and marketing found that 51% of marylanders support allowing same-sex couples to marriage while 48% oppose such a liu. but he is confident leading up to that election in november of next year. >> don't ask me to legalize a lifestyle that i believe is a sexual preference and one that i believe and stand by is offensive to traditional families. >> and you'll remember last year the dream act passed. that allows some immigrants families to pay in-state
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tuition. they forced a referendum on that. so if the same-sex marriage law passes in the upcoming session there will be not one, but two, controversial issues on that ballot next year. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. police are still on the lookout for a suspect after a social security administration employee was shot during his lunch break. the shooting happened not far from the woodlawn campus. the victim was able to make his way back to the sfm campus. they believe it is connected to a wadly. the campus was locked down, while they search for the shooter, the victim is recovering tonight. a assault just a few blocks away from johns' hopkins university. it happened saturday night around 1:00 in an alley behind the 2100 block of love grove street. the 20-year-old victim was walking back to her campus apartment. a black male with a medium complexion, between 6 feet and 6 feet 2, the victim says the
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suspect was armed though she never saw a gun. if you're a mom or a dad and you don't take care of your child you could go to prison for five years and that is a first. maryland is now the last state in the united states to make child neglect a crime and it's hoped that this law will allow you to step away from your busy life and report child abuse or neglect should you see it. last year, we had 14,000 reports of suspected child neglect, more than 4,000 cases were confirmed. with each empty chair there is a story to share. tonight in bel air a candlelight vigil commemorating victims and celebrating survivors of domestic violence. october is domestic violence awareness month and with more than 2,000 calls a year the need for support and services isn't going away any time soon. >> age 7. >> with each name a chime to remember. empty chairs, for 31 domestic violence victims no longer with
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us. they gathered for their and will light vigil. >> there are 31 people that will miss their birthdays, graduation, empty chairs at tables at dinner all throughout the state. >> sacks. the safety awareness research chain is trying to end abuse. >> one person can make a difference and reduce the number of people we have to renata vigil like this every year. >> reporter: with silhouettes and t-shirts for victims too afraid to share their stories harford county sheriff says they have come a long way since the early days on the force since 1972. >> today domestic violence is investigated thoroughly by deputies and police who are better trained and understand domestic violence. we seek treatment for victims. we make arrests. >> reporter: but there is still work to be done. >> this year in harford county our first two deaths, a
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homocide and a suicide, were the result of domestic violence. a husband murdered his wife, then turned gun and shot himself. >> reporter: if you or someone you know needs help sarc has a hotline you can call, (410)836- 8430, free counseling services and the number is available 24 hours a day. all right, now much rain out there tonight, a little bit of drizzle being picked up on the most powerful radar, towards the decide area south of frederick. a little bit of light drizzle coming down, a few showers in western maryland. clouds still holding tough out there, i know, it has been one grey murky stretch and temperatures unseasonably cold out there tonight. down in the mid-40, eh, tomorrow we've got slow clearing on tap, should warm up 5, 10 degrees in most spots, this is just the beginning. how warm we get and how long it lasts is coming up. the rain we've got today is
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the cause of some bad news for you in harford county. if you're waiting for that new intersection to hope in avington you have to wait wonderful more day. the overpass is supposed to clear up all the traffic at the intersection of routes 9, 24, and 24. the new design is going to take 95 traffic up and over the cars moving between the shopping centers on route 24. again, the rain causing the, forcing the cruise to delay the opening. this is the second time it has done that. it was supposed to open tomorrow, now it won't be open until wednesday morning at 5:00. if you're living you might want to check the car. police say there have been nearly 20 car thefts and attempted thefts in the catonsville area. cars have been stolen between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. thieves are targeting dodges, chris letters and jeeps with model years between 1994 and 2006. police say all the vehicles have been abandoned, crashed, before oranges even get a chance to report them stolen in the morning. you should call police if you have any information about any of these thefts.
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all right. well this is a town of perryville, beautiful town, we have a water tower there, why not a 17-storey high sign advertised in the perryville casino. what's the sign for, no? right now the casino is tucked away just down the hill from route 222. but just think of how many more slots players would visit with a 175-foot beaming sign for those scooting up and down interstate 59? well the idea is not going over well. >> everybody moves here for the view of the water under the peacefulness, nobody is gonna want to see that, they move here to get out of the city and that's like being in the city. >> another concern. the homeowners say if the sign goes up the values would go down. >> they said you would only be able to spot the sign from 3 points in beacon point development. if you want to talk about your feelings show up at the meeting in perryville tomorrow at 1:00. the metro will be open for your commute in the morning. 8 station where is shut down
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today after reports of a possible gas odor. they checked and found there was no gas leak. everything has been back with them since 2:00 this afternoon. tomorrow, amanda knox will be heading back home. the american who was convicted in italy of killing her roommate was cleared of the charges today. knox, who has been in prison since 2007, is scheduled to fly back to america tomorrow on a commercial flight. the college student, along with her boyfriend, were accused of killing knox's roommate meredith kercher. the judge did uphold the conviction on the slander charge because she accused the bar owner of the murder. necklaces banned at school. >> before you say your hail marries you are not going to believe the reason behind this and why they are not being allowed. >> how would you like to make some money on the side? whacky ways to earn a little more cash. it is move that bus eve in marcellus springs. for tonight, you're going to be finished, all in a week's time.
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we'll have more on this dream home when news 11 returns in 60 seconds. who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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well, last week we told you about not being able to say "bless you" after a sneeze at a school in california, and now, a rose renecklace breaks school policy in nebraska. >> the principal said i couldn't wear my necklace at all because gangsters were wearing it. >> did you hear that? rose reese used as gang identification symbols. a growing trend. parents and priests are upset saying she is being punished for her right of religious expression. we want to know what you think about this one. should the girl be allowed to wear the symbol or has it become a symbol for something else altogether. sound off at our a construction site has been buzzing 24 hours a day for a week. it is the latest site of abc's
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"extreme home makeover" edition. they are building a dream house for eli zsa johnson and his family. tomorrow they'll get a chance to see the finished product. john harrison gives us a bit of a sneak peek. >> the finish line is in sight, within less than 24 hours the family will be shouting "move that bus." extreme makeover house is coming together, but not without some drama. >> the weather has been atrocious, rained every day, got progressively colder and progressively more camp. >> with a good turn out of volunteers and contractors wes is happy with the progress. >> we've got a little bit off track on friday on the exterior. the interior, we stayed on our track or ahead of our track. we were looking at the plan, remarkably we're right on schedule. >> this house will be built with the environment in mind. there are 33 solar panels on the roof to provide energy.
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>> the house has a little bit of everything. most importantly, i don't think the family will ever see an electric bill. we're calling it extremely positive. >> this is unique. one of the family members who will live in the new home has a passion for construction and design. the extreme makeover crew decided to let him stay behind and put his passion to good use. he is the first family member that was ever allowed to stay behind and help out with the build. >> i was happy to work with him. i see a budding design star in the future from him and i'm actually working on a very secret special project he knows nothing about to help him with that. >> that secret should be on december 9th, you can see it here on abc 2. i'm don harrison for abc 2. the latest recall from one
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california farm over concerns of listeria is expanding. true leave farms based in salinas originally announced 90 cartons of lettuce are being recalled. now 250 cartons shipped to 19 states, including stores and restaurants and cafeterias, the company says all of the recipients have been notified, no illnesses have been reported but federal officials say a sample from one bag did test positive for listeria. listen, if you're a politician, don't listen to this. denmark has come up with a fat tax. now you have to be a math whiz to figure out how much you're going to pay for cheese whiz. if you buy a burger 15 cents more, a pack of butter will cost you 45 cents more. big danes, we're not talking about dogs, denmark, in this country they have been complaining that so many people are overweight and asked if a fat action can come stateside one lawmaker said we can't even put an extra tax on sowed as.
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we get a look at one of the most anticipated gadgets of year, the iphone 5. it can compete with google's android and motorola's destroyed. the bug will do exactly that. here is what consumer experts say you can expect. for one, fifth generation iphone is supposed to be less expensive. apple has never released a phone that was thicker than previous models so this one will probably be a little bit thinner, the screen will likely be larger, the processor will be faster and it's expected that the app will work in a new home button. tonight abc 2 works for you hoping to put extra cash in the pocket. unemployment is high and families struggle to make ends meet. what can you really do about it. >> what if you make some cash sending text messages, how about test driving some cars. listening to music. abc 2 news megan pringle has more in some whacky ways to make some whacky money.
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>> like a lot of us, jonathan turner is always looking for ways to make some extra cash these days. that includes checking out garage sales for used books, not to read but to resell. >> i got an app on my eye phone and i'm able to scan the ibm number on it and actually, like, pull up and it tells me right there, you know, how much is that book worth. >> reporter: he uses the smart phone app book scouter. he can find out if he will make a profit buying a book at a yard sale price. that's one of the ways people are generation creative to make some extra money these days. kyle taylor from penny horder, starting with your fridge, one company is willing to pay to find out what you're storing in there. >> they'll send you a free bar code scanner and every time you go grocery shopping you scan the groceries you buy and then it transmits the data to them and companies use that sort of feedback to tell them what brands are popular. >> reporter: whales? feel like texting people? you can always answer questions
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for cha make a few bucks right from your couch. >> they get questions, ranging questions on their web site via text and they need people to come up with answers, and through a google search or whatever and you get paid for text. >> reporter: ah can rate music for money or if you're the creative type you can get paid 50 to 500 bucks to help come up with company names. back to jonathan. he also gets extra cash from cars. >> i'm getting paid anywhere from 50 to 75 bucks a pop to test drive a vehicle, go out, have fun in it, come back and write up a report in it. >> reporter: you're not going to get rich but jonathan tells you it's really helpful when times are tough. >> anything you can do, any bit to help offset your bills, go for it. >> reporter: all of this is great, but keep in mind you shouldn't have to pay for these sites in advance for any of the work that a that you do. megan pringle, abc 2 news. >> we'll all be millionaires by tomorrow morning. no need to write all those
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links down, we've got it all in one place for you, abc, click on the money tab. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> love that money tab jamie. come on now. eh, temperatures cold out there tonight but the radar clearing up a little bit. maryland top radar, showers in the d.c. area, very light drizzle. it was kind of a dreary day out there, tonight doesn't feel much different. you may have the heat on a little bit actually. 50degrees, going to float in the upper 40s out there tonight. no wind at least. but you know, one of those days. 56 the high, 71 is normal, keep in mind we have been as warm as the low 90s historically in early october. this is way colder than average. clouds held tough most of the day, eastern shore, got our built site. a little bit of late day sunshine, annapolis a little more blue sky here in the state
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capital, came to an end, good sign. in baltimore it things stayed pretty grey right to the end of the day. temperatures around 50, 40s to the west, probably see 30s in the extreme west. highs were struggling to find the mid-to upper 50s today. tomorrow i think we're going to add about 10 degrees. mix of sun and clouds, upper 60s around the city. upper suburbs closer to the mid- 630, but things begin to improve tomorrow. we warm things up. not quite back to average, we warm them up some. our area of low pressure beginning to break apart and slide slowly north and east, finally getting outs of here, for a change we see no new developing system behind this one that dips down and replaces it. all we have to the west right here, high pressure cell, a huge one that is going to be reinforced and settle in across the east. this guy sliding out, high pressure sliding in, dry, clear weather, sunshine, allows things to warm up, a lot,
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especially towards wednesday, thursday, friday, on into the weekend. we were unlucky. the one part of the whole eastern u.s. that was stuck down in the mid-50s, around the mid-atlantic states from the states to pennsylvania, we pushed much warmer air, much warmer temperatures out the west. our temperature tonight, a little bit of drizzle. could catch a morning shower. could be partly to mostly cloudy. wednesday looks beautiful and sunny. i'm telling you keep the sunglasses handy from wednesday right through the end of the weekend and into the weekend, there are some breaks in sight. tomorrow, i think other than a stray early morning shower we're dry, a mix of sun and clouds, more sun late in the afternoon into the evening, tomorrow night we'll be clear, cry, but yes it will be cool. but the warmer air does make a return as we go toward the middle part of the week here. wednesday, thursday, friday, into the weekend, temperatures north at 70, and again, just to see the sunshine back.
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you know. there is a lot of long faces, a lot of people saying "starting to get to me," all this grey. listen up seattle, this is not seattle, this is baltimore. we have sunshine in the fall. >> don't like seattle. >> not too much. >> okay. thanks a lot wyatt. washington and hollywood collided this afternoon in an effort to draw attention to breast cancer awareness this month. doctor joe biden, the doctor's wife and actress, toured a breast cancer treatment center in virginia. they are directing a string of lifetime movies about breast cancer. if you would like to get involved in the fight against breast cancer you can join us for the susan g. komen race to the cure. happening october 23rd in hunt valley. that starts at 8:00 a.m. stay here, we're thinking pink throughout the month of october. a special sex in our web site dedicated to support and research. all you have to do is log onto
11:22 pm pink. tomorrow night, be sure to tune in, to maryland's cold case. it haunts them 6 years later. 23-year-old tian a smith was in school learning how to work with handicapped children when someone took her life. police are now releasing new details hoping someone saw her that night. and might be able to shed some light. >> putting this information out there might just be the first time that a witness realizes what happened and realizes that the information that they have means something. >> so it's a must. jeff haeger has this story tomorrow night right here on abc 2 news at 11:00. coming up tonight, hank williams jr. makes a faux pas that gets him booted off of monday night football. but, first, here is terry moran with a look at what you will see tonight. are you read for some night line terry. >> jamie, coming up on "nightline," special extended coverage of the may man data knox verdict, after a nightmare in italy the american student goes free. we have the exclusive inside
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story of the murder trial and the long-delayed vindication. all coming up on "nightline" right after abc 2 news at 11:00. man: my electric bill was breaking the bank. so to save some money, i trained this team of guinea pigs to row this tiny boat. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to train each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row!
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i'm virginia.virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions..
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well hank williams jr., are you ready for some football, was not a part of tonight's monday night game at espn. the network pulled the song after williams made an analogy comparing president barack obama to adolf hitler. he made the comment on news when golfing with john boehner. he said they were extremely disappointed with the comments and decided to pull the open. >> hollywood is back here in
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baltimore filming a new series here in charm city. it stars julia louise dreyfus. you know, elaine benness grew up in towson, she plays a former senator turned vice- president. they shot the pilot back in february and, now, the crew is shooting the first 7 episodes and the maryland film office estimates that the first five weeks of prep and 8 weeks of filming will bring the state about $25 million. and create more than 2,000 jobs. >> yeah, that's great. >> good news. >> great news. >> i'm a fan. >> all right. >> yeah. >> i'm sure. >> how could we not be. come on, man. eh, guys, a chilly night again and, you know, we break the weather, we begin to break this pattern tomorrow. won't be a beautiful day but a little better out there tomorrow. temperatures warming up into the at least the mid-60s for most of us. things h look much nicer by wednesday. i'm saying, declaring it. >> you want to be secretary of weather. >> okay.
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i'll apply for that.
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that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. even in the crappy weather then able to build that house. do you believe that. >> wait a minute, you have to be there early, at 10:00. the bus at 5:00. >> yeah. >> mark dell less springs. >> you have been to plus springs. >> i have been through there. >> thanks for joining us. >> "good morning maryland" is the first and only newscast working for you at 8:00 a.m. >> loot happens when you're sleeping. >> that's why we get up early to tell you all about it. there are no surprises. >> we're working for you at a
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new time. gmm starts at 4:30.
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